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The chocolatier from the Krämerbrücke
Erfurt in digital motion
Auf dem Bild sind Rostbratwürste auf dem Grill zu sehen.
Succulent grilled sausage
I am a native of Thuringia from Weimar.
A master of molecules.
High-tech maintenance in Thuringia
I am a native of Thuringia from Berlin.

This is Thuringia

Working in Thuringia

It never ceases to impress me, how beautiful it is here and how much energy this city gives me.

Living in Thuringia

Travel in Thuringia

To study in Thuringia

I can combine the study and my sport at the Friedrich Schiller University very well together.


You need a lot of information to choose the right course of study. That's why there are a number of contact points who can help and advise you.

Invest in Thuringia

High-tech made of glass

Pioneering spirit is something that Jena embodies as perhaps no other German city.

Viruses under the microscope

Nanoscopy in Jena